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Chairman's Message

Moving towards a
new vision of reality
where innovation is
the new art of fascination.

Dear Simpolian,

It is my privilege to address you straight from my heart. This makes me feel very special especially when I see that you are going to make a huge difference in meeting with what our NEW SIMPOLO will look like.

In the quest for excellence and innovation as how we have been vying to work for, you are deeply instrumental in making it become a reality. Our VISION, VALUES AND PHILOSOPHY PLAYING the key role in getting all of us united under one umbrella.

I strongly believe that the new challenges are the base of new learning, that is what COVID-19 has made us think and apply. The world will change so as we shall have to. The living style and behavior will be changed all around, so as we shall have to change each intervention of our lives accordingly. The idea of NEW SIMPOLO emerged before the world smacked with COVID-19. When I say this automatically our ways and means are changed with strict observations of mending new paths to sustain.

Formulations of NEW SIMPOLO is in very practices of our CORE VALUES that are added with Inspirational values we had since the days of walking on the path of transformation. Adding value to each function of ours through all values we live with.

Having said so we always wanted to transform company to a “System-Oriented Company” with sheer “Service Mind Set” that makes each of our stake holder completely satisfied. We are eyeing to bring absolute change both in and off the field through our changed behavior and applied mannerism. We are bringing the best practices in the industry, perhaps first time in ceramic industry. WMS and CRM will make a huge difference in meeting with the inspirational values we drafted.

This is the NEW SIMPOLO for you and all. New Simpolo will offer solutions, New Simpolo will talk about newness in everything, New Simpolo will sensitize the tiling solutions through personalizing the needs of the customers.

Let us live up to the spirits of innovation and newness and bring aspirations to the peak making the company a more impactfull entity in the world of ceramics. The stronger you have the faith in your aspirations the stronger our organization will become. Each intervention of yours in production process with sheer integrity will further assure the end users with absoluteness what SIMPOLO is well known for. Keep learning to sustain

Thank you and wish you all a wonderful and joyous working culture at Simpolo.

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