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Simpolo presents you with designs and formats that inspire you to create spaces that are magnificent, elegant, and truly sophisticated. Our curated collection is crafted to enhance elements of your style in your interiors along with an aura that is of pure opulence. So, come and indulge in the art of fascination of Simpolo with elegance and finesse of singular and exceptional collection of ceramics.



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A collection of premium matt surfaces celebrating the essential taste of colours inspired by the infinite sensory nuances of food and spices.

Elements to be savored in their purity or proposing endless combinations of style, also drawing on the style vivacity of refind decorations. To dress the spaces with an intense and orignal taste.

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Vitrified Tiles

The collection of Simpolo vitrified tiles embodies power, splendour, and high living. To offer the highest calibre vitrified tiles flooring, our team of specialists works diligently. Each tile displays a unique beauty, from polished vitrified tiles to digital vitrified tiles.

The extremely glossy finish on these vitrified tiles flooring creates a mirror-like appearance that can make any space appear opulent. These tiles are durable, thanks to the cutting-edge, ultramodern technology we employ in their production. Our premium line of polished vitrified tiles is a lovely synthesis of technical and creative prowess.

One's senses can be mesmerized by Simpolo’s vitrified tiles exquisite selection of vitrified tiles. Our collection exudes an electrifying charm in addition to having a chic colour scheme and captivating designs. Using cutting-edge nanotechnology, each tile is created from the finest materials and polished to a mirror-like shine.

Our double charge floor tiles are expertly processed to ensure that they enhance the ambience of any space they are used in. The best collection of tiles, hand-selected for those who appreciate luxury, will transform your living space.

The Most Durable and Strong Tiles are Vitrified Tiles

In order to give customers the highest level of satisfaction, Simpolo vitrified tiles never skimp on product quality. One of the strongest and most durable types of tile is vitrified, which is typically 3–4 mm thicker than any other type of tile currently on the market.

The vitrified tiles’ thickness guarantees that it gives it extra strength and extends its lifespan beyond that of regular tiles. Installing, caring for, and cleaning these tiles are simple. Additionally, these tiles don't absorb as much water and stop leaks.

Ambiences Where Vitrified Tiles Can Be Used

For both commercial and residential flooring, vitrified tiles flooring is a great option. Due to the 3–4 mm additional tile layer used in their construction, these tiles are stronger than any other regular tile.

The following locations are suitable for installing these strong and long-lasting vitrified tiles flooring: offices, restaurants, bedrooms, kitchens, or other commercial spaces, all areas with high foot traffic, including schools, parking areas, or porches.

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