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Why vitrified tile is the way to go for your walls and floors

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Tiles were first used more frequently in bathrooms and kitchens. However, because of advancements in technology and a shift in cultural attitudes, wall tiles are now used on the walls of living rooms, bedrooms, etc. In addition to being sturdy, affordable, and robust, they also give your home a really upscale appearance. Also, it is common knowledge that tiles are simple to clean and maintain and offer a wide range of alternatives, with nearly all colours and styles readily accessible to match your d'cor.

Confused about vitrified tiles? Here is an explanation:
Vitrified tiles are treated to make them more sturdy and resistant than any other tiles to scratches, stains, and acid spills. This type of tiles comes in a number of colours, and they may be used on both the walls and the floors of a variety of areas. They come in a variety of sizes and finishes, are strong, and have a sumptuous appearance.

How are vitrified tiles better?

- Vitrified tiles provide a smooth appearance and resist fading and scraping.

- Vitrified tiles are incredibly simple to maintain and highly resistant to water, filth, and stains. This makes them simple to choose for both inside and outdoor applications.

- Low absorptivity vitrified tiles are a fantastic alternative to genuine stone floorings like marble and granite.

- Vitrified tiles are suitable for residential uses since they withstand high traffic & feature a long life

Advanced technology and premium raw materials including clay, feldspar, and other minerals are used in the production of vitrified tiles. After being dry pressed, the tiles are then burned at extremely high temperatures, giving them a robust and sturdy structure. The nature of vitrified floor tiles makes them incredibly robust and adaptable. They come in several varieties that are suitable for various rooms in the house.

- Vitrified tiles with glaze
These floor tiles are only one layer thick, yet thanks to digital printing technology, they have appealing designs. GVT tiles are a great option for wall tiles, bedroom tiles, and even living room tiles.

- Glazed vitrified polished tiles
Polished GVT Tiles have an additional layer of polish or glaze applied to them, giving them a sheen and glossy appearance. Larger rooms like living rooms or other communal areas are ideal for them.

- Vitrified tiles with a double charge
Because they are heavier in nature and can readily handle wear and tear, these tiles are excellent for use outdoors.

- Tiles with a full vitrified body
Full-body vitrified tiles are ideal for high-traffic areas like hallways or retail spaces since they are built thicker than normal tiles.

- Digital wall tiles
Digital printing technology is used to produce gorgeous patterns, colours, and designs on digital wall tiles. These wall tiles are a fantastic alternative for kitchen and bathroom walls.

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