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Why is there Hype for Wooden Finished Tiles Design?

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What's the very first thing you notice when you enter a house? What is it about the interiors that hold your eyes in appreciation? The answer to this is the colors, theme, arrangements, perfection, and most importantly the aura. In recent times, people are choosing more theme-based designs, and textures for their homes.

Of late, the housing and interior designing industry has witnessed great hype in wooden finished ceramic tile designs as people are choosing it more than any other floor finishing. There are several reasons why the same is preferred by the majority of customers.

  • Trendy and Elite design: The wooden finish tile designs look trendy because of the texture and give the finished area an elite look. Simpolo Wooden finish vitrified tiles give your home a modern as well as an ancient classic look at the same time with an element of nature. One can never deny the fact that it brings calmness through its beautiful placement and texture.
  • Cost-Effective and Easy Maintenance: Created with qualities, Simpolo Wooden finished vitrified tiles are very pocket friendly as it doesn't ruin your budget to design a beautiful home. It can be customized as per your budget and as per your needs without compromising its qualities. Talking about qualities, wooden finish tiles can easily be maintained through minimal care and concern, keeping them long-lasting and brand new always! Additionally, wooden finished vitrified tiles do not absorb dirt and spilled liquids, resisting stains, and thus very easy to clean and maintain when compared to actual natural wooden flooring.
  • Genuine Resemblance with handmade wood: Simpolo wooden finished tile shares an uncanny and genuine resemblance with actual handmade wooden tiles that gives your home the real feel of wooden tiles, because they are developed and inspired from the actual wood veneer sheets. Thus, it brings the same warm and welcoming energy that actual wooden floors bring in with complete rustic vibes in your home.

There are many more reasons that can be stated to convince the consumer to go for Wooden finished tiles, but we leave the decision to you. So, next time when you are looking out for affordable, durable, and beautiful tile designs, give Simpolo wooden finish ceramic tile a chance where you can also see how the tile would look on your floor or desired area. Such tiles enhance the overall look of your home and are perfect for living room and kitchen counters as well. Let's begin your journey of making your house a beautiful home with Simpolo Ceramics.

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