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Vitrified tile the ideal choice for bathrooms or kitchen

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The bathrooms and kitchens in India are meticulously scrubbed, rinsed, and completely cleaned every day, unlike the bathrooms in western nations where there is lesser dust compared to India. Living rooms, bedrooms, etc. must adhere to the same strict standards. More of a daily routine that is never skipped, cleanliness is practiced here. Our kitchen and bathroom tiles must be carefully chosen because of this. The vitrified tile comes into play here.
Due to a great combination of functional and aesthetic advantages, this highly popular material is used in bathrooms all over the world. Today, we are going to look at just a few of the many reasons that vitrified tiles are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens

1) The ability to withstand water:
Due to the naturally moist and humid circumstances connected with the bathroom area of the house, water resistance is a crucial property for bathroom tiles. Fortunately, glazed vitrified tiles and PGVT have a useful protective coating that renders them water- and stain-resistant. This will come in handy while washing the walls or floors of your bathroom with soap and water, when the room becomes steamy after a bath or shower, and when the floor of your bathroom gets damp.

2) Quite robust:
Vitrified tile flooring is incredibly strong and unlikely to fracture from normal wear and use, unlike certain forms of tile (and many other flooring alternatives). It comes as no surprise that vitrified tiles are a popular material for bathroom and kitchen floors given that properly fitted and maintained tiles may endure for 10 or even 20 years. Even better, if one of your tiles cracks for whatever reason, replacing just that one tile is a simple task.

3) An affordable option:
Vitrified tiles give a more economical alternative than other tile materials, like porcelain, without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality; nevertheless, where ceramic is particularly cost-effective is in the long-term value it adds to your bathroom. Because ceramic tile may really boost a home is market value, you can also experience an exhilarating return on your investment in ceramic tile. The endurance of ceramic bathroom floor tiles more than compensates for the original cost of the tiles and their installation.

4) There are countless design alternatives:
Ceramic tile offers a wide variety of design possibilities, from size and form to colour and finish. Our selection makes it simple for any homeowner to locate bathroom and kitchen tiles that properly suit their existing colour scheme and design concept. Styles in our assortment include wood-look, glossy white, metallic, matte, etc. among many more.

Why do you still wait? Browse our selection of vitrified tile right away to find a stunning, long-lasting, and affordable material for the walls and floors of your bathrooms and kitchens. Log onto www.simpolo.net or visit the nearest Simpolo showroom.

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