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Vitrified Tiles : Beautiful and Versatile

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Tiles are structures that give beauty and definition to a place. Even though there are several types of tiles available in the market, a new variation of tile has brought a revolution in the tile industry: Vitrified tiles.

Vitrified tiles are created with a process of vitrification that includes a mix of clay and silica that blend in to create a mix and form a glass-like element, enabling it to maintain its luster for a long-lasting period of time.

Along with being available in different styles and designs, vitrified tiles are ceramic tiles that are different than our usual tiles as they are more durable, water, stain, and dust resistant. A cost-effective option with better qualities is what makes vitrified tiles a classic option for exclusive interior designs.

Scratches on tiles are unavoidable and with poor maintenance can worsen over time, which results in the total impairment of your whole space. But fret not! Simpolo's vitrified tiles are scratch resistant and will save your tiles from ruining your space in any way.

Along with scratches, another inevitable annoyance is our beautiful kitchen countertop tiles getting spoiled due to food or oil splatter. But with vitrified tiles, your life is going to turn into a cakewalk as Simpolo's easy-to-clean vitrified tiles will not only protect your beautiful kitchen but also give it a long-lasting sheen. This will save you a lot of inconvenience and you won't have to worry about replacing the tiles time and again.

Want to invest in something that is beautiful and durable? Then vitrified tiles are your answer. Pool in your resources on vitrified tiles as they have innumerable lustrous and stylish designs that will satiate all your interior design desires. Vitrified tiles are preferred as tiles for living rooms, floor tiles, or even balcony tiles. This one fit-for- all nature of vitrified tiles makes it very versatile as compared to other types of tiles.

Some tiles like wood or ceramic tiles can crack easily if installed improperly, causing your dream space to look shabby. But with the super-strength nature, the process of installation proves to be a breeze, maintaining these tiles for years to come.

Introduce the luxury and advantages of Simpolo's vitrified tiles and take a backseat when it comes to breakage, durability, or stains. Vitrified tiles with their beautiful and versatile nature are here to take care of all your tile troubles and give your house the look you love.

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