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The wide range of vitrified tiles

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When remodeling your home, the floor is crucial and the first place to decorate. The right flooring may define your entire interior design while dramatically altering your rooms mood. One of the most often used flooring options today is vitrified tile, particularly as an alternative to natural materials like marble, wood, and stone. Both business and residential sectors regularly employ these tiles. Due to their durability, strength, and slower rate of water absorption, these tiles are exceptional. Lets examine which of the various vitrified tiles currently available will complement your area the best.

1) Full body vitrified tiles
The colour of full body vitrified tiles is uniform across the tiles body or cross-section. When you cut the tiles to fit them where two walls meet at a straight angle, the tile borders will all be the same colour. And this is one of the key benefits. The optimum places for full body vitrified tiles are areas with moderate to heavy usage. They are available in glossy and matte finishes and also with textured surfaces for walls and floors.

Polished glazed vitrified tiles are the same as glazed vitrified tiles that have been given polish to make them shine more. These tiles are often referred to as PGVT. PGVTs are ideal if you want to rapidly increase the plushness of your home or office because they come in high gloss finishes. PGVTs work best in low to medium traffic locations since they are less likely to experience severe conditions and have enough dust avoidance. Over time, dust might cause the shine to fade. To keep their sheen, ceramic tiles must be cleaned properly and frequently. This glazed surface is open to any pattern, surface texture, etc. It could make the floor look more appealing. In the industry, it is referred to as digital vitrified tiles.

3) Double-charged vitrified tiles
The surface of double-charge vitrified tiles is robust and scratch-resistant. They go through a press that imprints the pattern on them using coloured clay pigment layers (two kinds of colours are fed into the machine). The top layer of tiles thereafter becomes 3 to 4 mm thick. Glossy and matte finishes are available for double-charge vitrified tiles. These tiles can withstand heavier foot traffic because of their thick outer layer, which resists noticeable wear and tear. Most commercial locations with heavy foot traffic, such as malls and retail establishments, are advised to use these.

Simpolo Ceramics is a specialist in the world of vitrified tiles, creating a benchmark with its world-class quality and designs. So head over to the nearest Simpolo showroom or visit www.simpolo.net to browse through the finest range of tiles.

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