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The durability and maintenance of vitrified tiles

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A tile that has undergone the vitrification process is known to as a vitrified tile. The processing of the tile results in extremely low porosity (absorption), with tiles often absorbing less moisture. As a result, vitrified tiles are robust, stain-resistant, and usually do not need sealing. Because there is no surface glaze, the colour and texture stay constant across the whole tile, which is another benefit of vitrified tiles. A Vitrified Tiles damaged area is the same colour as the rest of the tile, making it less noticeable than a chip in a glazed ceramic tile. Quality is monitored during production because it is a manufactured product.

If you need flooring for an indoor space, an outdoor space, or a damp zone, vitrified tiles are the ideal choice. They are created in a way that will allow them to serve you for years without breaking or chipping. They are produced utilizing cutting-edge tile manufacturing techniques, such as hydraulic pressing, and are made of the purest materials, including clay, feldspar, silica, and quartz.

Here is a step-by-step guide to maintaining vitrified tiles:

  • 1. Vacuum high-traffic areas every one to two days, and low-traffic regions floor tiles at least once a week. Weekly wall tile cleaning with a microfiber cloth is recommended. If tiles are not cleaned or dusted often, dirt particles can harm them.
  • 2. Make use of a professional tile cleaner designed specifically for tile. Always remember to dilute concentrated cleaners before using them.
  • 3. Make use of the recommended cleaning solution to wipe the floor tiles once a week. With this combination, clean the tiles on the walls!
  • 4. To remove the cleaning agent from the tiles, rinse them with clear water. The combination will leave a foggy residue on the tiles if you leave it there, which might damage them.
  • 5. After washing, dry the tiles with a soft cloth. In this approach, the development of water stains is stopped.
  • 6. Combine one cup of vinegar with a pail of boiling water for a more thorough cleaning. After that, use a dry, soft mop dipped in the mixture to clean the floor. Before walking on your floor tiles, give them time to completely dry.
  • 7. Grouts must be properly cleaned before a floor can be considered clean. You may make a solution for cleaning the grout by combining one cup of baking soda with two tablespoons of water. After properly cleaning the grouts, give the mixture 5-7 minutes to dry.
  • 8. To prevent damaging the floor tiles and grout, avoid using acids and powerful cleaning agents. Use soft fiber cloths as well for cleaning.

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