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The Top 5 Benefits of Wood Effect Tiles Over Natural Wood

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Tiles define a home's interior; hence a beautiful set of tiles are something that can elevate the appearance of any space be it a living room, bathroom, or offices. When we initially enter a room, the eyes ponder over the tiles design and aesthetics. And a major part of those aesthetics has included natural wood tiles. So natural wood tiles have been around for a long time and we have witnessed them making their way through our homes, offices, malls etc. Though popular, natural wood has its share of demerits and hence moving on to something that is better, and durable is the norm. So, the option? Wood effect tiles.

Now let us walk through the benefits of wood effect tiles and why it should be preferred over natural wood tiles.

  • Low environmental impact : We are living in a world where each one of us should be mindful of our carbon footprint to save our planet from climate change and global warming, and this process involves making smart choices in all aspects. Natural wood as the name suggests comes from chopping down trees and therefore have proven to be a harmful choice for each of us. Wood effect tiles on the other hand with the look and feel of wood are produced with porcelain or ceramic. Porcelain as a material has extremely low environmental impact with its raw materials being extracted from selected quarries and additionally being fully recyclable. So, this makes wood effect tiles a better choice for your interiors as well as the environment.
  • Durability and maintenance : Wood effect tiles have proven to be a great option for busy homes as they have higher durability with the benefit of less maintenance and hence can account for a smarter choice for our racing and thriving Simpolo tile customers.
  • Similar look but better benefits : Want a house with the rustic farm look but not the guilt of chopping down trees and pain of maintaining a hardwood flooring then wood effect tiles are here to ease your life. With the same feel, look and touch now you can experience natural wood without compromising your vision. And now Simpolo ceramic tiles offer an array of options for wood effect tiles that are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Weather friendly : Hardwood floors or natural woods tend to react with humidity resulting in expansion and or contraction of the flooring. In addition to that, natural wood tiles cannot be installed in bathrooms and laundries. And they also require constant cleaning and refinishing in order to maintain them. Therefore, to handle these situations we now have the option to switch to wood effect tiles which react well to humid climate and can be installed in bathrooms and similar spaces.
  • Pocket friendly : A beautiful and luxurious look with for your kitchen tiles design for living room or even for bathrooms and balconies that is giving life to your ideas and all this with a much durable and cheaper option. This is the type of deal that all of us would prefer any given day, and this is exactly what Simpolo offers with its range of wood effect tiles that will satisfy each aspect of a customer's ideas and choices.

These are your reasons to choose wood effect tiles for your next refurbishment and also check out Simpolo's website for their alluring and luxurious designs.

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