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The Delhi dose of design

| Catagory : INTERVIEWS

Dear Sir, you are one of the most prominent architects in Delhi and the country because of the prestigious projects you have been associated with. What do you think has been Simpolo's role in the journey?

I have always used the innovations from Simpolo and every time I hear about the brand, it reminds me of the projects we have collectively worked on to achieve advanced levels of finesse and style.

How did you get in touch with Simpolo?

It was in 2016, at state-of-the-art manufacturing Facilities& plant from Sacmi, especially PH-6500 Tons Press.

Simpolo is synonymous to innovation; it is a Pioneering brand that has brought so many FIRSTS to the industry. What do you think of the brand?

Simpolo is a revered brand in the high end Domestic market. I personally view Simpolo as a Company that respects and sticks to innovation and quality.

Concept and ideas generate in your mind constantly, how do you rate Simpolo for designing and quality, today and for tomorrow?

Numero Uno is my personal choice only because of the vast range that I get to play with.

Please share your experience with Simpolo for Providing services and your recommendations to further improve our services at all levels?

The only thing that I feel needs to be bettered is more immersive experience center line, like that at The-state-of-art manufacturing facility in Morbi.

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