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Technical excellence of Continua+:


At Simpolo, progress is a style of working so staying ahead of the competition comes naturally to us. This we do with integrating utmost class and innovation in our thinking which reflects in the products that we create.

We own a lot of 'firsts' in the industry and that has become our USP. Be it replacing the demand for natural marble with a more consciously created range of tiles but in the desired texture and design options, or about manufacturing the thinnest slabs, every step that we have taken in our journey has given us the title of 'Benchmarkers' and we are in no mood to let it go.

Continua+ is one such technology that is putting Simpolo far ahead of all competitors. It is not just another technology; it is a new generation of design and technology that provokes personalization in offering tiles of "my choice". This is something remarkable about Continua+. It comes from Sacmi, a 100 years old company that has been associated to Simpolo since its inception. Sacmi is known to provide deeply sustainable and highly technically advanced technology for the Ceramic Industry but only to those partners who ethically match their quality and standards in the tile industry.

This is first time in India that Continua+ technology is offered to Simpolo, based on its merits. Sacmi has its own standard to offer the best in the industry and Simpolo, fit right in as the most fitted contender to match the class of this technology.

Unrivalled brightness

High flexibility in the production of tiles and ceramic slabs. Increased productive efficiency.


CONTINUA+ is a revolutionary compacting technology that overcomes the large format productivity constraints, making it possible to change aesthetic effects with extreme ease and leaving ample room to customization.

Aesthetic advantages

CONTINUA+ assures perfect integration of the powder forming stage with body effects and subsequent surface decoration with powder and ink in digital mode.

Extremely high quality of slab surface

The compacting belt of CONTINUA+ is always moving with respect to the ceramic powder, therefore, compared to a steel punch of a conventional press, it never fouls ensuring the surface of the pressed slab is perfectly smooth

Unparalleled productive efficiency

The ceramic slabs are molded without using a conventional press and a mold intended to a specific format. It is thus possible to obtain porcelain stoneware slabs and tiles in a wide range of thickness and dimensions, customized in surface and body, with greater productivity compared to conventional lines.

Maximum compaction, minimum waste

The PCR compactor makes it possible to mold slabs with homogenous body and resistance similar to conventional pressing. Compacting takes place by using two highly rigid and appropriately metal belts. The side areas of the powder are contained by non-deformable retainers that assure excellent compaction of the edge thus limiting scraps.

Structured surfaces

The quality of the relief and the brightness of the surface are the main strengths of this exclusive process.

Digital dry decoration for an endless range of effects

Thanks to the proprietary technology DDD (Digital Dry Decoration), CONTINUA+ makes it possible to fully exploit the potential of digital design, obtaining innovative aesthetic effects which cannot be achieved with any other type of system.

Low environmental impact

The CONTINUA+ does not require foundations. The extremely low energy consumption, the absence of noise, vibrations and dustiness mean this is the most innovative technology also from the point of view of environmental impact.

The advantages and superior advancement offered by Sacmi through its Continua+ Technology is going to be game changer in the industry. This brings all that customer wants from the manufacturer. It is a customer centric technology that will speak what customer wants.

CONTINUA+ in Sacmi Iberica

DDD2000 con rullone

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