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Simpolo Launches Its 75th Gallery In Virar


Simpolo is pleased to announce the launch of its first gallery in Virar. It is the 75th edition of a vast array of showrooms spread out all over India. The gallery is complete with an exhibition of the best selection and collection of ceramic tiles with vivid colours and designs, curated specially to meet the eye, and customers' expectations.

Entering the gallery is like entering the world of Simpolo's vision - The Art Of Fascination. Complete with a live display of the application of ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles in different parts of a home, such as a living room, dining area, and many more, the gallery encapsulates the essence of a luxurious abode. It gives customers and visitors a visual rendition of what they have in mind, bringing their imagination to reality. Also, a separate section of the gallery is dedicated to a beautiful range of sanitaryware that includes washbasins, EWCS, kitchen sinks, etc. that help customers know that they have more options when thinking of buying sanitaryware from Simpolo.

The showroom also exhibits a collection of panel displays, containing a QR code. While the customers can see the tiles live, the QR code enables a 360 view of how their preferred tile will look. All the customers have to do is scan the code on their smartphones, and voila! They now have access to a visualization of any room, such as a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. This specification feature allows customers to see exactly what they want and help in making a decision on which tile is best suitable for any room of their choice.

Another special feature that has been added by Simpolo is the Virtual Space Creator that is added to their website. Architects are required to present a 3D model to the customers of how their space can potentially look. The Virtual Space Creator is an innovative way to help the architects, as well as the customers, decide the kind of tile they should choose according to their budget, the number of tiles that should be used and how much wastage can be created. This helps in managing the budget, time and resources of the customers as well as Simpolo.

These factors help in creating an environment of hope, fascination and assurity for a better and advanced future in the space of Interior designing and the tile industry. Don't forget to visit Simpolo's Virar Gallery to have a hands-on experience of luxury and elegance.

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