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Reasons Why You Should Ditch Paint And Go For Specially Designed Tiles For Your Kitchen

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A kitchen is the heart of a home and it's where the fondest of memories are cooked. It is also the busiest section of our homes. It is a high utility area that is exposed to constant heat, acids and other inflammables. It's no surprise that all kitchen surfaces are prone to damage, discolouration and stains very easily. Hence, it is important to reflect on our choice of kitchen surfaces especially walls and kitchen countertops. It is true that wall tiles are a popular choice for kitchen areas instead of paint. Sole reason being they are very durable, easy to install and sustainable. While tiles have an initial installation cost, they also have incomparable benefits against paint. Let's find out:

1. Protection from mould

Kitchen is extremely susceptible to water damage which may cause black mould. If not taken care of it can spread and develop a musty smell, also affecting the health of our loved ones. Simpolo's antibacterial and water resistant kitchen tiles are an ideal solution to this problem.Check out simpolo's the new wall tiles design now.

2. No Recoats

If you are looking for a low-maintenance but long lasting solution for your kitchen, Simpolo's kitchen tiles are all that you need. Enjoy effortless luxury without having to worry about recoating your walls with paint. Moreover they may last more than a decade without any damages or discoloration. Simpolo's new range of Kitchen tiles are here for your rescue.Check out simpolo's the new kitchen tiles design now.

3. Easy to clean

Kitchen walls are bound to get greasy as an effect of exposure to oil, moisture, heat, etc. This can be better handled when we install wall tiles instead of coating the walls with paint. One single wipe and Simpolo's Kitchen tiles are back in their element.

4. Puts up a versatile show

Along with being a status symbol, tiles bring in versatility, luxury and class to your space. They are incomparable to any coat of paint, even if you choose to apply the most generous one. They give depth and character to your kitchen and Simpolo has a range of best tiles in India with finest kitchen tiles design and wall tiles design.

Now that you know what's best for your kitchen, coat it with luxury not paint. Give your kitchen the look of your dreams and enjoy it for years to come. We have a promising range of kitchen tiles, wall tiles, kitchen countertops and much more; with antibacterial properties that safeguard you and your loved ones. Wish you a happy home-making!

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