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Practical Flooring Ideas For Indian Homes

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Home interior is a vast subject, with many aspects such as getting the perfect wall tiles, purchasing furniture pieces that fit into the mould of your home, sourcing for art decoration pieces that match and satisfy your aesthetic. Initially, we tend to overlook the decision of choosing the flooring for our homes till the last minute. This ends up creating end moment confusion and hassle, which can be totally avoided. So, a tip that you should make an effort to remember is: Always sort out the flooring plan of your space - the first thing itself!

Here are some concepts or ideas that can be added to your list of prospects when searching for tiles for your flooring:

1) A Minimalistic Touch:

If being minimalistic is your cup of tea, purchasing tiles that have a minimal touch to them would be the classic way to go. Remember, simple is always classy. Adding furniture and decoration pieces that are minimal would increase the persona of your space. The colours white, black, cream and grey or any neutral colour palette should be on your colour scheme.You can always refer to the Simpolo tile collection for your requirements.

2) Patterned Design:

If you have an eye for simple as well as intricate patterns and want to incorporate them in some part of the home, getting patterned tiles is the way to go! They are a valuable addition to integrating boldness and power into the overall look of your home. Put in a bunch of furniture, rugs, plants, decoration pieces and voila! You have a great looking part of your home giving off an elite vibe.

3) Mix And Match:

Based on the type of flooring designs that you would consider buying, this is an interesting and quirky way to use multiple tiles. If you wish to try out this idea, do ask your architect or interior designer for suggestions and opinions. Keeping the shape of the tiles consistent but using different sizes and colours is a suggestion.

Some Additional Points To Remember When Choosing Tiles:

1) Weather conditions:

A very important factor to keep in mind is the area and weather conditions in India. For example, If you live in a warm place and would like to have a chilly environment, marble would be good to go. It is advisable to consult with your interior designer or architect when planning to purchase tiles, in order to avoid confusion and choose the correct and preferred tile of your choice.

2) Size of your home:

Keeping a tentative size frame of the flooring of your home in mind can help you purchase the right amount of tiles, saving money and resources altogether. Having an idea of the measurements and design can be considered as an alternative as well. Arguably, your flooring is going to be the first aspect of your home that would be noticed by visitors. Making sure to create an aesthetically pleasing home environment is a task, so starting with your flooring is the first step to a long ride.

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