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Luxury Ceramic Tiles To Transform Your Space

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Your space is a canvas, waiting to be accomplished by you. Revamp it into a thorough piece of art and trade mundanities with unusual luxury. The best way to do so is with Simpolo's exceptional range of floor tiles, out of which Ceramic tiles are undeniably fascinating. Ceramic tiles are made from a fine mixture of sand, clay and talc. Simpolo ceramic tiles come in a broad range of textures, patterns and sizes, each with their own unique disclaimer. Ranging between one inch to twenty-four inches, ceramic tiles are priced by per square foot, irrespective of the size of your individual tile. Ceramic tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic. They have great abrasion resistance. These tiles are also stain resistant and indifferent towards alkalies and acids. Ceramic tiles require a thinner floor bedding with a flooring thickness of mere 7.5 mm. Extremely easy to clean, ceramic tiles have very low porosity for water absorption. Simpolo Ceramic tiles are also antibacterial making them an ideal choice for hospitals, godowns, deep freeze, industrial kitchens, etc. Ceramic tiles are very good insulators. They are fire resistant to a great extent and easy to install. Ceramic tiles are built with non-skid properties, making them completely compatible with your bathroom and kitchen area.

Let's now focus on the different kinds of luxury tiles that give your homes a luxurious twist.

1. Glazed

With a coating of ceramic stains and glass-forming materials, glazed ceramic tiles may typically have a matt, semi-gloss or high-gloss finish. They are especially known for their ability to resist stain and moisture. They make your space look seamless and luxurious with timeless royalty.

2. Unglazed

Unglazed Ceramic Tiles are coarse in nature. They are best installed in outdoor areas. These tiles are known for effectively surviving the extremities of weather. However they do need a layer of sealing to prevent stains.

3. Porcelain

Yes you read it right! Porcelain tiles are also Ceramic tiles. They are the densest of all and can withstand extreme temperatures. They are completely non-porous and resistant to scratches. These are highly popular and have a separate fan base for people who wish to install Ceramic tiles.

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