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Kitchdeck - An upgrade to your kitchen needs

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Kitchen is the powerhouse of every household and is considered the heart of the home. It reflects who we truly are and speaks volumes about our lifestyle. Our choice of paint, flooring, furniture and decor together decide the identity of our kitchen. While we all want our kitchen to look at its best, selecting the right set of kitchen tiles can be a task. How about we do some homework? This article will give you comparative insights on different types of kitchen tiles and help you choose better. Let's dive in!

A kitchen is the most intricate part of our house and we must carefully align what goes into it. Tiles are one such important factor that add utmost hygiene to our kitchen. The huge shift from traditional to modular kitchens has tremendously influenced the tiles industry. With time we've developed a wide array of kitchen tiles. These tiles are inspired by contemporary times. Kitchdeck is one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops. Its antibacterial properties make Kitchdeck a perfect fit for every kitchen. Kitchdeck is easier to clean and requires low maintenance efforts. It is highly heat resistant and helps build smarter & safer kitchens. While stains on kitchen countertops never go unnoticed, Kitchdeck makes sure you never have them in the first place. Its iM+ technology prevents any living organism to grow or stay and it also helps repel liquids, as the surface created with iM+ is anti- bacterial and liquid repellent. Mount as many heavy appliances on Kitchdeck and it will effortlessly continue to support a fully functional kitchen. This is known as impact resistance.

Now let's talk about the second most preferred range of kitchen tiles, Quartzite. It has high endurance power and durability. Granite kitchen tiles on the other hand can crack up easily. Quartzite tiles are not heat resistant and come with limited color choices. Whereas granite tiles are very common and expensive at the same time. If we look closely Kitchdeck is an honest win-win and helps us class up our kitchen aesthetics without doing much. They come in elegant kitchen tile designs and a range of exciting colours. Kitchdeck tiles stay intact for longer and re-purpose our entire kitchen. These tiles are indeed an essential upgrade for our homes.

While Quartzite and Granite kitchen tiles may be in the race, they still have a long way to go. Kitchdeck on the other hand continues to be crowned as your kitchen's best friend with its large appetite for daily kitchen requirements. It is a one stop solution for premium kitchen tiles and integrates innovation with style. If you still wish to explore, do so keeping in the mind the aesthetics of your kitchen. Go for something that will make your kitchen look more enticing. Be mindful of the colours, textures, shapes and patterns. Avoid making scattered choices and get the ball rolling.

The Simpolo Kitchdeck is an incredible collection with remarkable designs and a versatile colour palette with multiple surfaces to offer. These tiles will help you spruce up your kitchen aesthetics in no time. Visit us on latest kitchen tiles designs and give your kitchen what it needs.

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