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Keep Your Space Bacteria Free with Simpolo's Antibacterial Tiles, created with 'iM+ Technology'

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While planning to construct the home of your dreams, flooring is one of the first things that comes to your mind. If you are a perfectionist, and a stickler for hygiene and cleanliness, look no more. Simpolo Ceramics is known for its modern designs and assured durability. With this confidence, our team is here with an innovative product that's brilliantly made for your preferences. In today's world, one's safety, health and wellness are among the greatest concerns globally. This made us innovate and come up with unique solutions that either eliminate or lessen the difficulties we face each day.

Simpolo presents antibacterial tiles made with iM+ technology which utilizes our latest production systems. We present you with a technology that eliminates uncertainties or doubts concerning the safety within your home. iM+ Technology lets the product surface repel any liquid and does not allow unwanted or harmful living organisms to stay or grow. This water repellent and anti-bacterial surface created with the iM+ technology requires the lowest maintenance efforts, keeping you from second-guessing your safety indoors.

Simpolo's germ-free tiles kill a major part of microbes and bacteria that are intruding into your home, which makes it a safe space for toddlers and little kids and lowers the chances of falling ill. With hospitals being an essential space for hygiene and health, we recommend that the emerging hospitals and clinics should consider using Simpolo's germ-free tiles for flooring options and even as wall tiles for their hospitals to protect the public.

Simpolo's antibacterial tiles are designed keeping in mind the requirements of large spaces and heavy traffic in indoor areas. These antibacterial tiles have two sizes, with this the installation process becomes comfortable and speedy and it also gives your area a wide and clean look as the grouting lines decrease.

Anti-bacterial floor tiles are a perfect choice for commercial and residential spaces and help in keeping up and maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. People using these tiles can look forward to an improved quality of life with chances of diseases, infections, and falling sick reduced to a minimum.

All these exceptional qualities together make our antibacterial tiles a perfect choice for your kitchen and kitchen countertops. Simpolo's antibacterial tiles are an agreeable choice for corporate offices, cafes and restaurants, schools and colleges and toilets as well.

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