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Important Things to Think About When Selecting Ceramic Tiles for Flooring

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Ceramic tiles are the most sought-after options in the world of tiles, due to their ability in being loose on the pockets, and having a huge range of exquisite designs and colors. Their inclination towards being on the hygienic side is also a factor that makes it quite desirable in the market and among tile enthusiasts. Ceramic tiles are made by using clay, natural products and sand, which are then baked in a kiln.

Simpolo brings you some really crucial tips to remember and have a checklist of when you are browsing or are out looking at ceramic flooring tile options:

1) The aesthetic of your space:

This is one of the most important thoughts to look out for when choosing ceramic floor tiles. For example, your space would definitely look odd if you purchase Bohemian ceramic tiles for a space that is rather minimalistic and empty. Bohemian styled ceramic tiles would make your space look fuller and cluttered, transforming the look and feel of what was actually in your thought process. So, it's best to do your research on various websites and search for inspiration from images and videos. Simpolo's Pinterest is one of the best media forms to source inspiration from as it provides you a visual representation of your vision and goal for what you want to achieve for your space.

2) The expanse of your space:

Now, if you are looking to create or furbish your bathroom, using smaller sized ceramic tiles with grout can reduce friction, making slippage a less dangerous affair. A medium sized room will appear large if larger sized ceramic tiles will be used, thus creating the illusion of a larger space. But medium sized ceramic tiles are typically used for smaller spaces such as small balconies, bathrooms, storerooms,etc to make them seem bigger.

3) The colour shade of grout:

The paste that is used to fill in the linear gaps or grids between ceramic tiles is known as grout. Keep in mind to choose a colour of grout that is in contrast to the colour of your chosen ceramic tiles. This helps to bring out the charming designs and colours of your ceramic tiles. If you want to go with the even and minimal flooring, you can choose the same colour tone grout as the tiles design.

4) Textures and patterns:

This is a choice that is completely upon the taste of the makers. From plain and patterns to glazed and unglazed, your list of options is endless based on the vibe and ambience that you plan to go forward with. Glazed ceramic tiles are easier to clean whereas unglazed tiles tend to get dirty quite easily and requires a regular touchup of polishing.

Now that you have an idea of the correct factors to consider when purchasing ceramic tiles for your flooring purposes, don't forget to visit your nearest Simpolo gallery or check out the Simpolo website to surf through a wide plethora of ceramic tiles that will suit every need for any kind of space that you want to renovate or decorate. You can also use the Simpolo Spark, one of a kind Visualizer to bring your imagination to life in a quick and easy way. Happy ceramic tile shopping to you!

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