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How to make a statement with a tiled entryway

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A home is a safe haven, consisting of all the necessities you wish for according to your wants and needs. Very often, the presentation of our entryway slips from our minds when thinking of themes and designs. An entryway should feel welcoming and warm, no matter what time of the day or night it is. An elegant and fascinating entryway with a simple and homely feeling can elevate your experience since it will be an area that will be frequented by you, your family and guests. It would be wise to invest in supreme quality tiles so that there is smooth functioning in the area. Keeping this point in mind, let's dive further into the types along with the look and feel of tiles that could be used in accordance with your aesthetic preference.


In case you have an eye for the antique aesthetic, a stoned entryway is a go-to option! To have an idea of the type of tile you can use, the Barberino Crema - Barberino Brown tile from Simpolo's archives is a good option to go with. The cream colour and matt finish of this tile would be successful in displaying depth with a dash of cosiness. It perfectly delivers the look and feel of an ideal stoned entryway.


Wood = Warm vibes! The Bark Wood tile from Simpolo's tile collection is the perfect fit for a sophisticated and graceful look. Its matt finish and cream colour will give your home the desired fancy look. A wooden feel is a favourite among enthusiasts, in case you are in a bit of a hassle and need to make an immediate purchase.


The Statuario Wolf marble from Simpolo's collection has a glossy finish that will definitely give your home the luxurious look you have been searching for. The white colour scheme of the tile gives off a peaceful vibe, which would be perfect when entering your home.


A metallic flooring look will surely elevate the entrance of your home. If you are looking to add character to the welcome area, the Ingot Navy tile should be added to your list of potential selection of tiles. Its matt finish, hints of navy blue and of course, a unique metal touch will create an overall cool vibe.

Tiles are easy to install and perfect to cope and withstand dirt, dust, moisture, thus making them easy to clean - which is much needed for households with intense activity.

When you step your foot into the threshold, it's your space and realm. You deserve to have a home that embodies comfort and peace. What are you waiting for? Start with your entryway! It's time to put in your thought to your existing or newly constructed entryway because who knows, maybe your home can be the next dream hangout spot for you and your friends.

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