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How durable is a vitrified tile

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The sole distinction between vitrified tiles and other tiles is that the former is superior. It is a form of tile that has undergone the vitrification process, giving it extremely low porosity and a very low rate of water absorption. The finest feature of vitrified tiles is their extreme strength and hardness. When compared to natural granite or marble tiles, highly quality vitrified tiles have a competitive advantage, making them a very admirable option for residential settings these days. No matter how useful and excellent something may be, it can never be completely flawless.

Vitrified tiles provide advantages such as:

1) Because vitrification is the process that creates vitrified tiles, they are a particularly durable and uniform material. When clay, feldspar, and quartz are mixed, the mixture transforms into a molten liquid glass sate, which subsequently solidifies to create vitrified tiles, an extremely durable material.

2) Scratch- and stain-resistant vitrified tiles are available.

3) These tiles can be applied both indoors and outside.

4) They can be used as wall tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, and residential flooring indoors.

5) For outdoor areas, they are ideal for high-traffic areas.

6) Vitrified tiles are available in numerous designs, patterns, and textures.

7) Installing and providing care for vitrified tiles are simple tasks.

When installing tiles in the kitchen, dining room, or kids spaces, stain resistance is a crucial consideration. Stain-resistant tiles can withstand spills with ease and maintain their aesthetic appeal for a longer time. When selecting floor tiles for areas where spillage is likely, it is crucial to take stain resistance into account. Compared to other tiles, vitrified tiles are more stain resistant. For example, vitrified tiles are extremely stain-resistant, but marble and natural stone tiles might not be. They are also anti-bacterial as well.

There are several designs with different aesthetics and glaze coatings, including as high gloss, polished, matte, flat polish, posh surface, protect surface and R-11 surface, which is also anti-skid. Their stain-free characteristics make it possible to maintain the highest degree of sanitation in your living areas and make cleaning easier.

Kitchen and bathroom floors benefit from matte finish tiles the most since they offer more traction, particularly when the surface is wet.

The floors with little foot traffic are best suited for high gloss finish tiles since they can provide a mirror image. For the living room and bedroom, you may also think about using a gloss or posh matte surface. Typically, wood floor tiles come in matte finishes. For bedroom flooring in contemporary homes, this tile pattern is very common.

Vitrified tiles are winning in the tile game for sure. Who could resist these amazing features? Check out your nearest Simpolo showroom or visit www.simpolo.net to know more.

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