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Geographies don't come in the way of progress


Simpolo opened its gallery in the Union Territory of Ladakh in partnership with Mr StanzinGyalson. When asked to comment on the association, he said "One of the most important things about Simpolo tiles is their varied choices of tiles, be it size, colours or patterns. There is a distinct style of Simpolo tiles that combines simplicity with modern design which closely reflects my idea of tile designs. Another thing which touched me is the way they keep their relations with their dealers. They give opportunities and exposures to new dealers like us by inviting us to 'Dealers Meet', all around the country. I feel fortunate to be a part of Simpolo Ceramics." Simpolo also extends its services beyond the country. Through their association with a dealer in Bhutan, they ensure that logistics should never come in the way of those who need their services.

Tshering Wangchuk Bhutan Owner

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Geographies dont come in the way of progress

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