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Floors that take us far

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Gone are the times when marbles and stones were considered as the only acceptable material when it came to building luxury homes. The emergence of the vitrified tiles has changed the way luxury is crafted.

The ceramic tile Industry has undergone a major revolution in the last decade. Advanced technologies in Pressing, Printing and Firing have transformed the very concept of surface cladding in the building and construction industry. The versatility and user-friendly nature of these tiles has made them a challenge for traditional products like stone, marble, granites, wood, metallic sheets, concrete, wall papers, and even paint, as a result opening immense possibilities for the industry.

With the emergence of vitrified tiles with near zero water absorption and high breaking strength, coupled with various printing techniques like silk screen printing, Rotocolour printing and Advanced Digital Printing, any and every kind of surface can be created to perfection. Advanced glaze and firing technologies make all kind of surfaces from polished to silk, and matt to rustic possible including tiles in rough stone finishes that are available in a thickness ranging from 6 mm to 20 mm in a wide range of sizes from40x40 cms to 240x120 cms.

Simpolo has played the role of a trend setter in the Indian ceramic industry with several firsts to its credit. Simpolo is regarded as the most innovative company that conceived a revolution with India's first polished vitrified, large sized tiles in 800x800mm and 1200x800 mm sizes. Ceramic tiles were never previously considered as a dependable solution for outdoor paving and cladding till Simpolo introduced the 16 mm thick full body tiles in various sizes. Named RockDeck, today this range of outdoor tiles is every architect's maiden choice. The challenges of the industry are not restrictive of the size and thickness, colour palettes also are potent innovations. Making pure white tiles in the double charge category was quite a task for the industry and yet again, Simpolo filled the void with its breakthrough range of Alaska White tiles, termed to be the world's whitest white tile with a minimum L value of 94.

Every time the market is busy riding high on the crest of success of these product ranges, we get back to our drawing boards designing yet another revolution like the path breaking technology to manufacture the "Sintered Compact Surface" (SCS) Marble Slabs. This new technology comprises an advanced process, from High Tonnage Pressing (44,000 tons) to HD digital printing and glazing and then firing at very high temperatures > 1200deg.+, which enables us to create SCS Marbles and Granite slabs with some amount of flexibility built in, so that the result after laying the slabs is flawless.

In the month of September 2018, Simpolo has introduced a range of tiles, named Seven Collections. The idea behind the concept being that any designer who is planning to decorate a space with a colour tint, texture, finish and design will not have to make a sacrifice because of the size and format of tile. From 600x300 mm to 2400x1200 mm, one can design using the chosen pattern, and use it in any format that may be suitable for the respective project. Please visit Simpolo.net for more details and the entire collection.

Wall - Granos Crema, Granos Tobacco  Floor - Granos Crema

Wall - Integrity Bone, Charcoal Wood  Floor - Integrity Charcoal, Alderwood Strip

Wall - Panda White  Floor - Soul Decor

Wall - Armonia Decor, Rosso Colleman, BottochinoCaldo	Floor - BottochinoCaldo

Wall - Copos White  Platform - Copos Black

Wall - Vecchia Vernice Decor Ivory, Ivory Brick Floor - Vecchia Vernice Ivory

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