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Consider These Factors When Selecting The Best Floor Tiles

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The secret recipe to having a great space is starting with what lies below. Once you do your floors right, you've won half the battle. How well your chosen tiles complement your space is definitely a deciding factor. We at Simpolo Ceramics have a plethora of floor tiles, wall tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, balcony tiles and much more for you to choose from. But before you get started, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Draw a budget

There are endless possibilities for you in the market and it is only when you budget the makeover will you be able to give your quest for the right tiles some perspective. This also refrains you from overspending.

2. Think through the size

Depending on how large your space is, you must carefully consider the size of your floor tiles. Usually larger slabs put up a great show with limited intersections and a clean look.

3. Keep in mind the type of space

This one is critical. It all depends on what part of your space you are going to renovate and whether it's a residential or a commercial space. This is when our virtual digital showroom comes to your rescue where you can try out multiple tiles on your space and make an informed decision.

4. Know that surface finish makes a difference

It's a mandate to put thought into what kind of finish would do justice to your space. Simpolo floor tiles are easily available in matt, glossy and shiny surface finishes.

5. Go for the right look and feel

Choose something that is compatible with the character of your space. Simpolo's vitrified tiles are a popular choice with exclusive tiles design for bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, balcony tiles, outdoors tiles and much more.

We hope this helps you speed up your tile selection process and while you are committed to creating your dream space, we are committed to bringing you the best tiles in India. We understand every floor is different and if need be we also offer customized solutions to our clients. What are you waiting for? Read through the guide, make notes and give your space exactly what it needs with our assistance. After all, it's the floors that take your space to new heights. See you on the other side of an extremely luxurious and premium dream space that you always wanted.

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