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Colours and kitchen tiles

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Colour is one of the finest ways to give a room individuality, and your kitchen should reflect your taste. Nearly every surface in your kitchen may be coloured, but its crucial to get the proportions right. Choose neutral colours for the more expensive and challenging-to-replace core components, such as cabinets, flooring, worktops, and appliances, for a no-regrets strategy. The walls, backsplash, window treatments, lighting, and other elements may be updated more affordably to add colour. With this method, you may modify your kitchens colour scheme as your preferences and current trends change quickly and economically.

Create a colour scheme youll adore by drawing inspiration from the kitchen colour choices below:

1) The classic black and white with brown: A straightforward, harmonious colour scheme for the kitchen is black and white. Use the classic combination of black accents and white basic pieces. White and black tiles in a mix-and-match pattern on your walls or as a backsplash? A total beauty! The kitchens high-contrast colour palette can be grounded by the distressed blonde wood finish of the island, which will also anchor the room. A white vitrified tile countertop and white-tiled walls will provide consistency and balance throughout.

2) Light blue with grey and white: A light-blue island paint hue can be starkly contrasted with a white vitrified tiled countertop surface. Grey backsplash tiles can give your kitchen the extra oomph, keeping everything grounded and cosy. The space can be more defined with the use of metal drawers and cabinet handles.

3) Sage green with grey and white: For a contemporary kitchen colour scheme, combine dark grey with sage green. Grey should be used for more permanent features such as vitrified tiled flooring while sage green should be used for interchangeable accents such as island stools, rugs, artwork, and countertop accessories. Balance the hue with plenty of white on top of cabinetry, walls, or backsplash to avoid an overwhelmingly somber impression.

Unsurprisingly, white is the most preferred colour for kitchen decor. It can fit into virtually any style and is welcoming, open, and light. Due to its timeless appeal and adaptability, a white kitchen is particularly appealing to visitors.

While dramatic hues like black, charcoal, navy, terracotta, and teal are becoming more and more trendy lately for kitchen cabinets and walls (particularly when coupled with white), white kitchens still have their place. Soft, natural colours like hazy blues, murky greens, and creamy beige are also very popular.

Light colours that reflect light, such as white, beige, and cream, create the impression that a room is larger because they make a space feel spacious and open. Dark hues, on the other hand, absorb light and tend to make it feel cosier.

To find the perfect vitrified tiles in any of the above-mentioned colours, Simpolo Ceramics has the perfect palette ready for you and your kitchen. Look into our wide range of vitrified tiles and you wont be disappointed! Visit www.simpolo.net to know more. Kitchdeck and Saga are the best collections for the kitchen countertops.

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