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In conversation with Shri Shyam Sundar Kabra of the Kabra Group

You are one of the most prestigious builders of Mumbai, sustaining in a deeply competitive market like Mumbai; how did you come up to this height? Share your voyage through these many years as one of the most prominent builders of Mumbai.

Kabra Group, a certified company under ISO 9001:2008 is renowned for setting standards with its mega townships and residential projects across Mumbai's landscape. With stringent performance standards across various sectors of developing building, managing property and other allied real estate related services, catering to both individual and corporateCustomers, Kabra's performance has been outstanding over the last 3 decades and is still going strong At Kabra, we believe that, we are good only if our work speaks for us. It does speak eloquently through the broad smiles of almost 30,000 family members happily relishing life in more than 9,000 homes although, during the past 30 years of its existence, Kabra has preferred silence to self-flattery, its creations and grateful inhabitants have been the articulate spokespersons of its triumph. We revel in quietly moving on to the next project because actions speak louder than words. And when work speaks, it speaks volumes.

Share your experience with Simpolo, when you applied the elegance of Simpolo first time in your project.

Since the last 6 years, we started using Simpolo products. We found Simpolo has always been Innovative with a vast range of various product ranges, which helps during selection process with multiple options. Apart from this, its competitive prices and supportive staff also plays an important role.

What would you suggest Simpolo in terms of services and products?

As mentioned earlier, product quality is excellent, services are very prompt and supportive. There should be an inclusion of some more satin or silk finish products in the existing product range especially in 600 X 1200 mm.

Simpolo is an applied company not only for innovation, but customer relationship also, how do you rate the company for the same?

Rather than only being a good product and not satisfying a consumer, it is more important tosuggest the right product to right consumer to satisfy his real need. While suggesting any product, Simpolo Sales team and Dealers always focus on this theory. So, on this basis we can rate Simpolo 10 on 10.

As mentioned above, innovation in tiles is what Simpolo is always vying for, how do you see the need of continuous innovation mark the industry as one of the sustainable tools?

Innovation is very important in any industry and Simpolo has been aninnovative company in terms of designs, surfaces, and getting aesthetic products. It is very important tool to play in any growing industry, to compete with the market‘s competition.



Mr.Shyam Sunder Kabra

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