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Best Wall Tile Design Collection In India

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You must have heard the phrase 'First impression is the last impression'. Wall tiles are proven to be the center of attraction for your home. When a person enters your home for the first time, your walls are bound to leave an ever-lasting impression on their mind. Don't you think you should have the most prestigious options for wall tiles available on the table? Well, we are here to give you exactly that! Keep reading to know how to make your home stand out from the crowd of an array of homes.

Following is a list of wall tile collections curated just for you :

  • The Prozzo Collection : Is being exquisite your thing? Simpolo has you covered with our Prozzo collection of tiles, complete with an array of decorative designs and minimalistic colours. You can pick out any tile and any room and know that your room will have the perfect makeover that pleases the eye of any person who walks into the room. You can browse through the Simpolo tile collection brochures or visit the nearest Simpolo gallery where you can see the tiles for yourself and decide better.
  • The Ricco Collection : The Ricco Collection is divided into 3 parts : Ricco Sun, Ricco Moon and Ricco Earth. Each part is inspired by a particular element of nature, with a flair added by Simpolo's vision and technology. If you wish to connect more with the natural side of you with your home, be sure to check out the Ricco collection. Adorn your home with simplicity, and you wont be disappointed.

You can also make use of the Simpolo Spark Visualizer, a lovely addition to our website. It will help you visualize your chosen tile at any part of your home with the help of technology, in some easy steps. This will also help assure you and your family about how the tile will look, right from the comfort of your home.

Simpolo Ceramics is proven to have one of the best tiles in India, famous for its pristine designs and gorgeous colours. Visit Simpolos galleries spread out all over India for an on-hand experience of luxury and sophistication.

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