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Best Tiles Design Collection In India

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Staying in touch with the times and what the world is up to when it comes to interior designing is quite essential. Building beautiful spaces that reflect your individuality and offer you the joy of belonging matters to everyone. When it comes to the interior or outside of the space, one thing we must all keep in mind is the walls and floors of the house, which play important roles in your design. There are several materials, colours, surfaces, and designs to choose from regarding tile flooring. However, only one of them is suitable for certain applications. The answer: tiles!

Here are some tile designs curated by us that you should definitely add to your aesthetic bucket list:

  • Organic colours : The organic sense is enhanced by the use of neutral, clay-coloured tiles. Walls of the same colour will undoubtedly help the place stand out.
  • Play with colours : Colourful tile designs will provide a splash of colour to your outdoor environment. Bright blue Mediterranean-inspired tiles elevate a tiny outdoor patio.
  • Modern Times : Offset your tiles in a running bond design rather than a grid or straight tile pattern. It is another basic floor tile style that is simple to lay but offers a bit more visual variance. With a concrete-look tile, you can keep things urban and trendy.
  • An Off-Beat Look : Large-scale, multicoloured marble-look tiles that speak for themselves will make a statement in any environment. It will pave the way for a new, distinct, and cutting-edge vibe.
  • Whimsical Details : Make your marble-look flooring stand out by incorporating colour and design into the tiles. Your home is ready to make a statement!
  • The Wooden Dream : People have always been captivated by wood floors and designing their homes with actual hardwood materials, which may be costly to maintain over time.If you want the appearance and feel of hardwood in your house but do not want to deal with the costs of keeping it, ceramic wood-look tile designs is an excellent option since it gives your home an elegant vibe.

Using tiles and stone in your home interior and exterior design is considered an investment. It gives your property an elite appearance and feel, and it boosts the market value of your home by retaining the shine and glossy effect for a long period. It is suggested to use a suitable tile adhesive and tile grout since all of your hard work of tile selection and design of your house is dependent on the tiles being set properly and not breaking for a long time so you may enjoy the house for generations to come.

Simpolo Ceramics, one of the leading ceramic tiles companies, has been a part of the ceramic industry since 1977, with the belief that 'Innovation is a state of mind'.Visit our website to surf through our array of best tile designs collection in India or check out the nearest Simpolo showroom to know more about us.

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