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Benefits of wooden look tiles

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Are you interested in learning if wood-look floor tiles are a good alternative to hardwood floors? The expensive hardwood flooring is prone to stains and scratches. Furthermore, hardwood floors need much maintenance to stay in fresh condition. A great substitute that combines the appearance of hardwood with several other benefits is wood-look tile flooring. It has gained popularity as a choice among homeowners in recent years.

Vitrified tile with a wood-like look is a new style that interests designers and consumers alike. Its a vitrified tile with a surface wood pattern that resembles real hardwood; there are several advantages to using tiles that give the perfect wooden look.

It includes being tough, resistant to scratches, and substantially less expensive than wood flooring. In the end, it provides a beautiful look of hardwood flooring for the least amount of money! In addition to these benefits, using vitrified wood-look tiles has several other significant benefits that are detailed in this blog.

The amazing advantages of wooden look vitrified tiles are as follows:

1) Resistant to the external elements: In addition to being durable, wood look vitrified tiles are stain, scratch, and moisture resistant. As a result, wood-look floor tiles can last for many years with correct maintenance and upkeep. The wood look flooring tiles are stain and dirt resistant, thanks to their robust surface. Natural wood flooring shouldnt be used in bathrooms, kitchens, or other wet locations because it is prone to water damage and scratch damage. Vitrified wooden look tiles, on the other hand, can be utilized almost anywhere, including the bathroom, kitchen, shower, living room, and so on.

2) Minimal upkeep and maintenance On the one hand, cleaning wood look, vitrified tiles take absolutely no time, effort, or resources, whereas cleaning a wood floor requires a lot of these things. You only need a basic mop or a vacuum to clean them. If they become dingy or dull, wash them once a week with ordinary detergent. These vitrified tiles with a wood appearance can withstand water and moisture, so you wont have to worry about water absorption or water damage. In a nutshell, these advantages make vitrified wood tiles the go-to low-maintenance tile.

3) A friend to the environment You are not only making a smart choice for your house when you choose imitation wood tile flooring, but you are also doing your part to protect the environment. You may lessen the amount of trees harvested each year for flooring by using wood-look tiles. Tile is fully constructed of natural materials and is free of harmful toxins. Tile consists of renewable elements and is simple to recycle. Additionally, tile has a longer lifespan than unfinished wood, which lessens the already low carbon footprint of tile during production. Green is invincible, and wood-look tiling outperforms real wood in every way.

All in all, the finest alternative for improving the aesthetic of your home is generally wood look tiles. Additionally, the versatility of vitrified wood look tiles expands the kind of designs you can utilize with them. Hardwood is less durable than ceramic and vitrified tiles, which can support heavier loads and more traffic without being damaged by moisture. To check out a wide range of beautiful wooden look tiles with attractive designs and shades, check out www.simpolo.net or visit the nearest Simpolo showroom for a tour.

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