Blending In: Architect Reza Kabul shares his experience with Simpolo.

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A design style inspired by nostalgia - if that is our architects' way of functioning, we have a design philosophy that matches just that. A philosophy that believes in creating memories through simplicity. Ace architects of the country trust Simpolo and our products for all the right reasons. Read on to find more. In conversation with Arc Reza Kabul Architects.

Dear Sir, you are one of the most prominent and applied architects of the nation, Mumbai knows you as the best, with some of the most prestigious projects you have worked upon over the years; what is it that makes you nostalgic in all your projects so far?

Nostalgia directly stimulates creativity and can enrich emotive appeal in the audience. In today’s world, traditional architecture in its pure form is impossible, except in the most special of circumstances. The nostalgic memory of a project comes to shape the design through the choice of texture, colour, material, shadow, light, and detail. In opposition to the contemporary structures of this time, where steel, glass and concrete generated “cold” places, warmer materials and finishes would help humans better relate and interact with architecture.

Share the moment when Simpolo actually caught your attention.

Simpolo launched 1m Step and Riser for the staircase which had excellent material and concept. We further suggested them to increase the size to 1.5 m as most of the buildings have the staircase of 1.5m, and they happily incorporated the change and launched a new Step and Riser of that size. It was a great innovation from Simpolo. The positive thing about the product is that it comes with the riser and the groover which reduces a lot ofoperational work for the client. This is the moment when Simpolo actually became a part of our favourites as not all vendors incorporate the suggestions that they get from their clients.

Simpolo is synonymous to innovation, it is a pioneering brand that has brought so many FIRSTS in the industry; what would be your opinion on brand Simpolo?

Indeed, Simpolo is a very innovative brand having significant quality and exclusiveness, with variety of inventive products which are customer friendly, easy to use, effortless and time efficient.

Concept and ideas generate in your mind constantly, how do you rate Simpolo for designing and quality, today and tomorrow?

Simpolo has an unorthodox approach which helps in improving lifestyles of the customers and developers by providing innovative and user friendly products. They have a wide product range which is exquisite and sophisticated, extremely durable, greatly versatile, easy to maintain, and can fit in any kind of requirement. It has all the characteristics that a client looks for!

Share your experience with Simpolo for providing services and your recommendations to further improve our services at all levels?

Simpolo is an excellent brand to be associated with! Reiterating the instance where they worked on our feedback of increasing the size of the Step and Riser from 1m to 1.5m positively and on a very short notice which signifies that they are a customer centric brand. Apart from being innovative, they are open to suggestions and feedback, thereby incorporating it for a better result.

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