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7 Reasons To Opt For Vitrified Tiles Over Others

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Owning a beautiful ambiance that adds to your personality is something that everyone wants to experience. Along with furniture and decor that will compliment your space, there are various types of tiles with hundreds of designs out there to explore. But Vitrified Tiles definitely stand out from the crowd. In order to own an innovative home/space, you need to make smart tile choices. And vitrified tiles are definitely the way to go. If second thoughts and late-night planning sessions are stressing you out, Simpolo has you covered with this list of 7 advantages that will make your selection process easier and make you fall in love with vitrified tiles:

1) Easy installation:

An essential thing to keep in mind is the process of installation of the tiles. No one would want to worry and keep a constant eye on the well-being and condition of the tiles. To keep this at bay, vitrified tiles are here to the rescue. Since they are manufactured by machines, they are ready to use and can be used within a few hours of installation. Vitrified tiles are regular when it comes to size, shape, and thickness as compared to natural stone.

2) Multiple locations of applications:

Let us clear the uncertainty away once and for all for the first-timers here who are still amateurs when dealing with housing and tiling dilemmas. Vitrified tiles can be used for indoor as well as outdoor spaces! They can be used in commercial and residential areas. From bathrooms, staircases, kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms to balconies, parking areas, gardens, rooftops, terraces, and driveways, their application is beneficial anywhere.

3) Attractive designs:

Vitrified tiles may come in consistent shapes, sizes and thicknesses, but when it comes to designs and colors, Vitrified tiles truly are the real game-changers. If you are looking to create a special aesthetic part of your home, bringing in the correct shade of vitrified tiles for your space will fit perfectly. They maintain the charm and aura of your space for several years.

4) Easy maintenance:

Vitrified tiles are super easy to take care of, considering that they are immune to dirt, water, and stains. They are also scrape, scratch and fade-resistant, making them look new and good to go for a long period of time.

5) Superior strength:

In case you are planning to lay tiles in areas with high traffic, vitrified tiles should be your top choice. They are able to withstand a high amount of pressure and force.

6) Easy on the pocket:

They are non-porous and effective for use. If ordered in bulk, they are quite cost-effective. It fits every budget for any kind of project, proving effective in your pocket too.

7) Durability:

Since vitrified tiles are non-porous, they are quite durable and can withstand any period of time without maintenance compared with the any natural material, be it marbles, stones or granites.

Check out Simpolo's wide and beautiful range of vitrified tiles that will surely transform your space and make a big difference in the look and feel. From earthy tones to simple tones, Simpolo has your vitrified tiles needs covered perfectly!

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