Innovation is second nature to us. The first is to find a purpose that can contribute to a comfortable living. This drive, weaved in with valuable inputs from architects and interior designers who interact directly with consumers, helps us better our understanding of our users and evolving every product and design to enhance their lifestyles.


With a promise of ‘Innovation with a Purpose’, we bring to India Continua+ technology – another first from Simpolo.

Since its launch, CONTINUA+ has demonstrated its strength in innovation, thanks to its 


Since its launch, CONTINUA+ has demonstrated its strength in innovation, thanks to its distinctive features:

  • Thickness:  from 3 to 20 mm (fired)
  • Max slab size:  160 cm x unlimited
  • Exemplary output:  up to 14.000 sqm/day
  • Fully digital wet and dry decoration
  • Every kind of surface, both smooth and structured

CONTINUA+ works with no press, thanks to the PCR continuous compactor (SACMI’s patent), which allows manufacturers to form slabs that have the density and strength greater than those attainable with traditional pressing



Width range:  1000 ÷ 1900mm
Resolution:  100 dpi
Graphic length:  over 00m