Research, Development and Innovation

The artistry of simplicity is such that while it is timeless yet it is always new. Achieving this level of maturity requires years of questioning the purpose of our existence and truly understanding who we are creating for.


Simpolo’s research and development laboratory is the biggest in India in terms of the sheer complexity and size.

Simpolo’s research and development laboratory is the biggest in India in terms of sheer complexity and size The R&D facility has the best setup for conducting rigorous testing on its products to meet international standards and certification requirements. The R&D facility provides immense benefits in terms of improved economies of scale, quick identification of product flaws, and quicker lead time to market with modified or new products. The lab is well equipped with several testing instruments and apparatus managed with assured and comprehensive quality control.



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1 Water of Plasticity Available
2 Residue(100#, 200#, 240#, 300#, 325#) Available Italy
3 Slaking of clay Available
4 Green modulus of rapture ISO-10545-4 Italy
5 Dry Modulus of rupture ISO-10545-4 Italy
6 Fired Modulus of rupture ISO-10545-4 Italy
7 Dry shrinkage ISO-10545-2 Japan
8 Fired shrinkage ISO-10545-2 Japan
9 Color spectrometry ( L* a b ) SPECTROMETER Japan
10 Water absorption ISO-10545-3 Italy
11 Bulk density ( green / fired ) MERCURIMETER Italy
12 Porosity ISO-10545-3 Italy
13 Viscosity FORD CUP/ BROOKEFIELD Italy
14 Workable electrolyte Available
15 PH PH METER Japan
16 T.D.S. T.D.S. METER Japan
17 Particle size analysis Laser diffraction England
18 Thermal expansion ISO-10545-8 Germany
19 Dimension (length, width, thickness) ISO-10545-2 Japan
20 Surface flatness SO-10545-2 Japan
21 Glossiness ( 60° ) GLOSSOMETER Japan
22 MOHW’S hardness EN-101 Italy
23 Deep abrasion resistance ISO-10545-6 Italy
24 Crazing ISO-10545-11 India
25 Surface abrasion ISO-10545-7 Italy
26 Impact resistance ISO-10545-5 China
27 Breaking strength ISO-10545-4 Italy
28 Skid resistance ISO-10545-17 China
29 Stain resistance ISO-10545-14 Italy
30 Chemical resistance31 ISO-10545-13 Italy
31 Gross Calorific value ( solid fuel) BOMB CALORIMETER India
32 Paper bursting test BRUSTIING M/C India
33 Penetration PENETROMETER Italy
34 Chemical analysis ED XRF Netherland