We are grateful to our patrons who’ve supported us at every step. The number of achievements we’ve managed to basket in this short journey of ours, is an ode to each one of them.


  • “Power Brand’s Leadership – Rising Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2012” from His Excellency Shri Sanjay Verma – The Consul General of India to Dubai and Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, Planman Media and Honorary Director, IIPM Think Tank
  • “Power Brand’s Rising Awards 2012”
  • “The Udhyog Patra Award” presented by Mr Shared Yadav (Minister of Consumer affairs, Govt. of India) for Efficient Entrepreneurship
  • “Bhartiya Udhyog Ratna” Award from Mr Dilipkumar Gandhi (Minister of State for Shipping, Govt. of India) for Industrial Prowess


  • 1991

    Entered the Sanitaryware category with a 400 units per day production plant

  • 1993

    Sanitaryware plant with 700 units per day production capacity

  • 1995

    Entered the Ceramic Tiles category with a 1000 sqm capacity per day plant

  • 1999

    New plant for Sanitaryware with 900 units per day production capacity

  • 2001

    Took over Romer Ceramic and started sanitaryware production

  • 2002

    Introduced India’s 1st rustic coloured sanitaryware

  • 2003

    Introduced table top basin with Simpolo brand for the 1st time in India and stated new plant with a capacity of 1000 pcs

  • 2004

    New ceramic plant with 5000 m per day production capacity

  • 2005

    India’s 1st handcrafted bowl

  • 2008

    Entered Vitrified Tiles manufacturing and established Double Charge plant with 8000 sqm per day production capacity and started Double Charge Tile production

  • 2008

    Introduced 1st time in India, stain-free tiles with Nano Technology

  • 2008

    Introduced 1st time in India, 4G technology in Double Charge for improved 3D effect

  • 2009

    Introduced the whites tile in the world,  Alaska Whites in 800×800 mm and 600×600 mm sizes

  • 2010

    Expanded Vitrified Tiles plant by adding 8000 sqm per day

  • 2012

    Rising Star Award

  • 2012

    Established new plant of 800×800 Double Charge

    Vitrified Tile with a capacity of 14000 sqm


  • 2012

    1st in India to start 800×800 Double Charge manufacturing in India protecting Indian market from China

  • 2013

    Introduced Rock Deck, India’s strongest tiles for outdoor floor &
    facades, in 20 mm, 16 mm and 10 mm thickness

  • 2013

    Indian Power Brand Award

  • 2014

    Introduced for the 1st time in India, Colour Body and Full Body Glazed Vitrified Tiles

  • 2014

    Strategic joint venture with Italian tile manufacturer in India, Nexion

  • 2015

    Established new plant for Rock Deck outdoor tiles with 8000 sqm per day capacity

  • 2015

    Introduced SCS Marble Big Slab Tile in 1200×2400, 1200×1200,
    800×1600 in India

  • 2016

    Asia’s Most Promising Brand

  • 2017

    Introduced Smart Marble in 800×2400, 1200×2400 for marble dealers