Message from the CMD

C.E.O. Message
Mr Jitendra Aghara
Dear Customer,

Simpolo ushered the new age ceramic technology in India, revolutionizing the very concept of Tile usage.

Be it Nano coating on vitrified tiles to render them stain free ,or introducing large sized slabs 1200x800mm to replace traditional Marble, Granite & other stones in Premium projects, or be it high thickness Full body outdoor tiles, Simpolo has led the Industry from the front with its creative and Innovative offerings in all segments of ceramic market.

Simpolo always endeavours to meet the aspiration of, well informed Youth of today as also the well travelled modern populace of India who always wondered while being abroad "Why can’t we have such stuff available locally."

At Simpolo we are committed to bridge this gap through indegenious R&D and cooperation with International Giants through licensing and Joint ventures.

Come, explore this web site and discover the surprises we have lined up for you .Our portfolio of products will certainly spark your imagination leading to realize your dream of a beautiful home exactly as per your taste.

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